China plastic recycling a huge market space is still in its infancy
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In the global advocate of green, in the context of sustainable development, recycling of waste plastics is facing enormous challenges, but also ushered in the broad market. Many forward-looking companies to seize market opportunities, with recycling of innovative technologies and related devices in the field to carve out their own place in the world in plastic.

     China's plastics recycling has such a vast market! The reason is the Chinese government vigorously promote plastic recycling, and this as long-term planning. NDRC annual investment of about 20 billion yuan to subsidize the environmental protection industry, the annual subsidy amount does not exceed 45% of the project investment can stimulate social investment each year more than 60 billion yuan. Investment areas include water, solid waste, heavy metal pollution, hazardous waste, environmental monitoring equipment and other aspects.

     Great voices of waste plastics recycling: plastic granulator bullish demand in the backdrop of great energy saving, waste plastic recycling voice continues to expand, the demand for plastic granulator also continued to increase. According to Chinese customs statistics, from January to February 2012, China's total exports of plastic granulator 477 units rose 17.2 percent, the amount of $ 11.2 million rose 82.1 percent the same period total imports of 28 units, up 27.3 percent, $ 12,480,000, fell 60.8 percent.

     Because in recent years the development of the global petrochemical industry extremely fast and intense, a rapid increase in demand for plastic granulator, and has broad prospects for development. Faced with serious energy with environmental issues become more and more plastic granulator future large-scale, and the user of the mechanical stability and energy saving requirements of the unit are also increasing.

     Plastic granulator experience often caused by infection of the environment is an important source of infection. In the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, there are more than three-quarters of a hot air plastic granulator, plastic granulator equipment such environmental infection is very serious.

     Luo Hui pointed out that reducing the energy consumption of 100 million tons of coal in the country to reduce CO2 with more than 64 million tons of SO2 emissions, its environmental benefits are significant. Enhance energy saving plastic granulator is very urgent requirement for the transformation of plastic granulator machine system has become an important issue to be solved.

     Press market four words summarize: for should seek. In recent years, China's press industry to take the risk of considerable progress modified plastics, the annual production of all kinds of plastic granulator, foam granulation machinery of 100,000 sets, a foundation to meet as usual on plastic raw materials with plastic waste processing, molding requirements. In addition to several large plastic business groups have younger facilities, the vast majority of plastic processing companies are country-based manufacturing equipment. Because in a large, comprehensive equipped with high-speed point of view, but also have much more products abroad to create deletions, the number of China's plastics machinery entrance recent years also quickly enhance, especially people bookmakers to take over again monopoly understand enhancement, so they took foam granulator for terms should still seek.

     China modified plastics in the waste plastic material bookmakers to take over the industry to facilitate conduct is not satisfactory, again about accepting a takeover of resources otherwise high potential to be developed for foam granulation machine industry remains particularly large demand for space.

     Development of plastic granulator industry recommendations when exploring new development path plastic granulator technology, must be energy efficiency and environmental protection and quality of the products into account, in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. To implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, the first to go the path of development resources-saving, variable single plastic granulator for extensive portfolio of intelligent plastic granulator.