Waste plastics recycling arduous road is long
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Summary:"junk Besieged City" phenomenon has been common, always threatening our environment. With the use of expanding the scope of plastic, plastic waste is also increasing year by year. If you do not do the processing, it will fall into the environmental crisis. Recycling plastic is a great sense of material, but China's plastics recovery is indeed small, small, the task is very arduous, long way to go. Plastic bottle recycling recycling needs to be pay attention to it.

At present, China's annual output of 25 million tons of plastic products, recoverable amount is calculated by 20% a year should be about 5 million tons of waste plastic recycling, and the actual amount recovered last year only 200 million tons of waste plastics recycling and arduous tasks long road.

As one of the world's largest retailer, Tesco take advantage of the huge advantage of the network, together with Unilever call for more consumers to personally join environmental action. Recently, Tesco, Unilever work together jointly launched the "little green plastic bottle big difference" theme activities, advocating that consumers will use the product after the day of the Tesco store plastic bottles sent to collection points, to ensure that plastic bottles by Tesco's recovery path recycling. The event is Tesco and suppliers practice environmental philosophy another joint attempt, with Unilever "Sustainable Action Plan" advocate "small actions, big difference," coincides with the concept of sustainable development.

The event was recently in Tesco Shanghai Dahua optical store and shop the first to start. Consumers can be any brand of shower gel bottles into the active site of special recycling bins, and you can receive a Dove body wash coupons one. Consumers use the coupon in the above two Tesco stores to buy Dove Body Wash 1L equipment products enjoy up by 5 yuan concessions. Events received a positive response of many customers, including children.