Plastic recycling value infinitely countries closely follow the trend of sustainable development
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With the plastic used in life increasingly widespread, more and more waste plastic has become the biggest killer of the environment, which also will spur the growth of the plastic recycling industry, in addition to China, the countries are also closely follow the sustainable development trends, vigorously develop renewable plastics industry.

In recent years, plastic bottles have a high demand in Japan because they belong to a steady stream of renewable resources and are exported to overseas. Some analysts said the high-priced acquisition of Chinese enterprises is one of the reasons, so the Japanese domestic worries its recycling industry chain will be difficult to sustain.

US consulting firm Nexant, said recovery operations in India will produce pressure on the country's demand for plastics in the future. In its annual summary, Nexant said the current per capita consumption of plastics in India in 8 kilograms (about 18 pounds), remain low. In addition, commodity plastics demand is expected to increase by 10% in the coming years.

At present, India recovered about 200 million tons of plastic each year, the amount of recycled plastic in some areas in recent years, an increase of 20% of the total amount recovered in recent years in India grew by 12-15% volume growth in India's plastics recycling will make local the polymer market pressure.

Plastic packaging for the prevention of pollution around the world have taken different measures, with the US states of plastic packaging products to control the increasingly stringent, plastic bottles will become the San Francisco plastic shopping bags after another key regulatory objects. In order to better protect the environment, resource recycling, San Francisco Supervisors Committee unanimously adopted the plastic bottled water ban bill that would ban plastic bottle full of water sold in the city all major public places.