plastic granulation extrusion equipment, energy saving and environmental protection development
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Plastic granulation extrusion equipment is mainly used for processing waste plastic film, bags, agricultural convenient bags, pots, buckets, bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc., for the most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is the use of the most Canton, the most widely used, most users welcomed the plastics recycling machinery.

In the background a large energy saving, waste plastics recycling cries constantly increasing, Plastic granulation extrusion equipment demand is also increasing, industry experts said, due to recent development of the global petrochemical industry extraordinarily rapid, plastic granulator the rapid increase in demand for extrusion equipment, has broad prospects for development. Faced with serious energy and environmental issues, the future of Plastic granulation extrusion equipment become more and more large-scale, and the user of the mechanical stability and energy saving requirements of the unit are also increasing.

Pollution caused by plastic pelletizing process of extrusion equipment is often an important source of China's environmental pollution. In the most widely used types of conventional Plastic granulation extrusion equipment devices, there are more than three-quarters of a hot air plastic pelletizing extrusion equipment, extrusion equipment, plastic granulator equipment such environmental pollution is very serious.

Advances in plastics extrusion equipment granulation process energy efficiency and prevention of pollution of the environment are mutually reinforcing. Reduce 100 million tons of standard coal in energy consumption in China can reduce more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions, its environmental benefits are obvious. Plastic granulation extrusion equipment to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection requirements are very urgent, transformation equipment for plastic extrusion granulation system has become an important issue to be solved.