Waste plastic recycling line to bring more benefits!
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Life, there are many environmental problems, if the direct incineration of waste plastics, secondary pollution will cause serious environment. When the plastic burning, not only to produce a lot of smoke, and will produce dioxins - by far the largest class of toxic substances. Dioxins into the soil, must be at least 15 months to gradually break down, it will harm plants and crops; dioxin animal liver and brain damage have serious effects. Waste incineration emissions of dioxin pollution of the environment has become a very sensitive issue of worldwide concern.

In addition, due to the disposable plastic tableware biodegradable, and now many cities are promoting the use of green tableware - paper tableware, the principle is the composition of cellulose paper products can be microbial degradation. However, instead of using paper tableware foam plastic dinnerware is also unwise. First, the paper tableware will also bring visual pollution. Their degradation speed is not fast, often in dozens of days or even a few months will not degrade completely. Secondly, when the system of paper tableware, in addition to use straw, rice syrup, but also added about 1/3 of wood pulp, if comprehensive promotion, will inevitably cause a lot of wood consumption, leading to increased deforestation. And China's forest coverage rate is only 13.92%, per capita forest area is equivalent to only 17.2% of the world average. Third, the system has always been a big water pulp, energy-hungry and big sewage. Pulping process will require a lot of water, and our country are water shortages. If untreated sewage is discharged directly into rivers, causing pollution; paper tableware to be dried immediately after molding, which requires a lot of energy consumption. While China is coal-based energy structure, which would increase the SO2 content in the air, causing acid rain. If "we readily throw away the bottles can be recycled reused, in fact, equal to the exploitation of a new oil field." Faced with a number of environmental issues, waste plastic recycling, plastic recycling line of our company give us the convenience!