At first, PURUI PLASTIC&RUBBER MACHINERY CO., specialized in the production and research of plastic recycling equipments,extrusion equipments and related auxiliary machines. Chengdu PuRui polymer engineering co., ltd is the partner company with same owner. Based on constant efforts and pursue for many years,we have obtained much experience and perfect professional techniques on the solutions from technical design to extrusion system.

On 2006 our company starts the office in Chengdu, Chengdu purui polymer Engineering Co., Ltd, covering the business from the plastic recycling machinery to the materials. It makes the business expand and meets customer reqirement.

PURUI promises,what we offer is not only the operation equipments with reasonable price and easy operation, but also the perfect technical solutions and quick after sale service.We can meet the requirement on quality and price of clients,as well as supply reasonable equipments and relate kit equipments with the best cost partners of clients.